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[1201] Do you remember this music video? Posted by: Date:2008/09/16(Tue) 05:35  
1.jpegDoes anyone out there in kd Lang fan land remember the music video/song that she did with 4 other female country artists? I believe Loretta Lyne and Dolly Parton were in it but for the life of me I can't recall the name of it and what album it may be on. Please help if you can... I'm losing my mind on this one!


[1202] Re: Do you remember this music video? Lynn - 2008/09/16(Tue) 09:19  

1.jpegHonky Tonk Angels on Shadowland.

[1203] Re: Do you remember this music video?  - 2008/09/17(Wed) 12:28  

1.jpegThank you Soooooo much

[1206] Re: Do you remember this music video?  - 2008/09/23(Tue) 18:40  

1.jpegI'm fairly sure the name of the track/video was "Honky
Tonk Angels", from the album - "Harvest Of Seven Years".
Hope this helps. Cheers, Marion

[1205] best of k.d. lang songbook Posted by:watcher Date:2008/09/22(Mon) 21:14   HomePage
9.jpegBest of k.d. lang (Paperback)
by k.d. lang (Author)

Editorial Reviews
Product Description
14 top songs spanning her 20-year career, including: Constant Craving * Extraordinary Thing * I Dream of Spring * Miss Chatelaine * Nowhere to Stand * Pullin' Back the Reins * Simple * Summerfling * Trail of Broken Hearts * Wash Me Clean * and more.

..TR> Product Details
Paperback: 72 pages
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation (September 17, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 142343482X
ISBN-13: 978-1423434825


this looks like the complete list of songs. i'm not sure if that means another watershed book is still coming??? it's not looking that way unless it's sheet music. it's available at amazon and other locations globally.

Big Boned Gal
Constant Craving
Extraordinary Thing
I Dream Of Spring
The Mind Of Love
Miss Chatelaine
Nowhere To Stand
Pullin' Back The Reins
Trail Of Broken Hearts
Wash Me Clean
You're OK

[1204] No Subject Posted by: Date:2008/09/17(Wed) 17:56  
9.jpegpara cuando kd.lang en españa?

[1196] kd lang music videos Posted by: Date:2008/09/12(Fri) 10:28  
1.jpegIs there a site where you can legally download her music videos? Is there a paying site to obtain these videos? Is there a person out there that has a paysite for her videos? Contact me at

[1180] kd lang, Steve Nash To Be Honoured On Canada's Walk Of Fame Posted by:shutterfly-9 Date:2008/09/08(Mon) 17:48   HomePage
1.jpegThanks for the pics all. It was so exciting and I was really glad it didn't rain. We got close for a minute but that was enough to get my Watershed Album signed and for me to say we Love you on Langisms Community Forum and she smiled. So, she knows about us I'm sure. It was really nice to meet Carmen and I'm on such a high. I didn't sleep all night. I didn't go to the Gala because I couldn't afford it but I didn't see Jamie or her Mom but it was so crowded and fun. She looked so happy and was beaming. I added 3 pics here and I have a friend that said she too some from a distance that I didn't even know was there.

[1188] Re: kd lang, Steve Nash To Be Honoured On Canada's Walk Of Fame Bluebird - 2008/09/09(Tue) 20:33  

1.jpeg..."We got close for a minute but that was enough to get my Watershed Album signed and for me to say we Love you on Langisms Community Forum and she smiled. So, she knows about us I'm sure...."

omg Shutterfly!! I was there too!! I told her 'we love you' on kdlangnet and she smiled too. kd told me she has heard of kdlangnet.
What a coincidence. Thank you for sharing.

love Bluebird

[1182] 2008 canada's walk of fame  Posted by:watcher Date:2008/09/08(Mon) 20:57   HomePage
1.jpegk.d. lang received a star on sept. 6th in canada at the walk of fame and it had an outdoor event and ball gala honoring all the 8 inductees at night.

i'm looking for video, photots or more info on it or more of what was said if possible on tv and around.

here's one and i don't have time to look at it this morning but it's from the tv show last night starting with kurt browning hosting. let me know if kd is in it.

p.s. i'm sorry mayumi for the hecklers in this group. i really wish they would stop and there is someway to screen these posts so you don't have these idiots copying and insulting your hard work and wonderful group here. :o)

[1183] Re: 2008 canada's walk of fame  watcher - 2008/09/08(Mon) 21:29   HomePage

1.jpegk.d. lang sings coming home there and is honored.

if you look to the right middle you will find parts 7 and 8. k.d. lang are located on these clips and enjoy.


[1184] Re: 2008 canada's walk of fame  omake - 2008/09/08(Mon) 23:14  

7.jpegThis is great! Thank you for the link.

[1187] Re: 2008 canada's walk of fame  Sara - 2008/09/09(Tue) 07:45  

1.jpegThank you for the video. There is alittle bit of k.d. on the 1st video too. It's like 9 minutes into it.

[1190] Re: 2008 canada's walk of fame  Wendy - 2008/09/09(Tue) 21:48  

1.jpegShe looks so happy! Thank you and it was so past time for her to be honored.

[1121] New k.d. lang Single Posted by: Date:2008/07/20(Sun) 21:20   HomePage
10.jpegYou can now download k.d.s new single ep Coming Home, that contains 2 remixes of the track here:
Cheers, Shelley

[1189] Re: New k.d. lang Single Bluebird - 2008/09/09(Tue) 20:34  

1.jpegThanks, Shelley. It's a beautiful song. :)

[1146] hope to see you Posted by: Date:2008/09/04(Thu) 04:59  
1.jpeghi kd, just wanted to say that i love the last album. i have seen a ton of photos of you on the net, looks like you put on a few pounds but it looks good! you don't seem as happy with jamie as you did with leisha though, thre are still a ton of photos of you and leisha and you always looked ecstatic with her, with jamie you just look bla. i am glad and proud of all the good work you and jamie do though. she is kinda cute, but she ain't no leisha is she? you should try to get leisha back, and treat her right this time.
hope to see you on the next tour

[1132] concert in Antwerp Posted by: Date:2008/08/14(Thu) 04:37  
1.jpegHello Everybody,
kd Lang was in Antwerp ( Belgium ).
uncredible the music that she was giving here , and what a succes . more from that please .

[1131] DLIJlPlxYoq Posted by: Date:2008/08/05(Tue) 11:16   HomePage

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