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k.d.lang Net




k.d.lang (1999)

k.d.lang (1996)

k.d.lang Talk Book (1996 Japanese)

k.d.lang in her own words

All You Get Is Me (1994)

k.d.lang An illustrated biography (1993)

k.d.lang Carrying The Torch (1992)


written by Rose Collis

The information about kd after All You Can Eat is included. Rose Collis mentioned on this site "k.d.lang Net". It is so nice that this site was introduced to the world, but it is a shame that Rose Collis takes kd fans ill. Anyway take a look!
Published in 1999.


Paula Martinac

136 pages in all. Including a lot of pictures. Published by Chelsea House Publishers in1996. $9.95


k.d.lang Talk Book
translated by Carol Hisasue


Japanese version of "k.d.lang in her own words" by David Bennahum. 166 pages in all. Including a lot of pictures. Published by Uplink/Kawaide in1996.


k.d.lang in her own words
David Bennahum


96 pages in all. A lot of kd quotes and B/W photos can be seen. Table of contents is "introduction", "growing up", "influences", "country", "beliefs", "business" and so on. Published by Omnibus Press. US$15.95Order No. OP47741


All You Get Is Me
Victoria Starr


271 pages in all. Victoria Starr is a New York-based radio producer and freelance writer. This book is most worthy of reading. Picking out one failure, there's less photography. Published by Random House of Canada in1994. C$54


k.d.lang An illustrated biography
David Bennahum


47 pages in all. This is the second book about k.d.lang for David Bennahum. As you could find it through the title, this book has a lot of photos spending 21 pages. Published by Omnibus Press in1993. UKq15.95Order No. OP47534


k.d.lang Carrying The Torch
William Robertson


112 pages in all. This is the authorized biography, so you can order through Obvious Gossip, kd's official fan club. Published by ECW Press in 1992.