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k.d.lang Net

with Other Artists



[October 31] kd duets "We Had It Right" on Nellie McKay's album "Pretty Little Head (10/31/06)."

[September 12] k.d. lang duets "River" with Madeleine Peyroux.
The duet is on Peyroux's "Half the Perfect World" (09/12/06) .

[September] Tony Bennett released "Duets:An American Classic. "
kd duets "Because of You."


[November 05] Tony Bennett and kdlang released : "a wonderful world" .


"keep the Faith, Baby" for Tony Bennett's Album: "Playin' With My Friends" (prroduced by Phil Ramone)

Featured vocal in "An Uncommon Love" for Carole King's Album: "Love Makes The World"


"(Our) Love is Here To Stay" for Rosemary Cloony's Album: "A Seventieth Birthday Celebration"
1997 Producing some songs in the Murmurs' Album: "Blender".

The beautiful Duet song "Intimacy" for Bruce Roberts's Album: "Intimacy"



Mellissa Etheridge's live album "Set youself free" has "You can sleep while I drive", whichi is sung by kd and Mellissa together at Beacon Theater in NY.

"Moonglow" for Tony Bennet's "MTV Unplugged"

Back vocal in "Daughtera" for Mrs.Fun's Album: "No Ennui"


"Teardrops" is a Duet with Elton John, whichi is included in Elton John's album "Duets".

Jane Siberry's album "When I was a boy" has "Calling All Angels".

"Barefoot" is included in Bob Telsoon's albuum "Calling You".



Roy Orbison's album "King of Hearts" has duet version of "Crying".

Jane Siberryのpromotion CD "Summer in the yukon". に "Calling All Angels" が収録。


The song "Lulu's Lament" is included in Mrs. Fun's album "They are not a trio". Lulu is a caw which kd is/was raising and has appeared PETA's campaign film with kd.


The album "eroica" of Wendy and Lisa has "Mother of Pearl".


Dwight Yokam's album "Just Looking For A Hit" has "Sin City". This is a duet with kd.

kd joined in Dion's album "Yo Frankie" as a back vocalist of the song "Drive All Night".