Released in 17 Mar. 1992. In "Ingenue" the wonderful work is not only a big hit "Constant Craving." Each song has a beautiful tune and lyrics. Most of them are painful love songs. "Ingenue is based on my experiences of falling love, and it's the most personally revealing record I've ever made. The writing is totally autobiographical, naked and real." That's kd's explanation in an interview. In "Save Me" she wrote a line that "Watch over me with a mother's eyes." When Ingenue was released, she hadn't come out as a lesbian. Despite of it, she wrote this line. I wonder she must have prepared for answering that her lover was a woman in being asked, or decided to come out when she wrote this lyrics. Anyway, as you know, after Ingenue was released she came out in "The Advocate" (16 Jun. 92). I suppose I don't need to speak so much about Ingenue. But picking out my favorite ones, It's "Constant Craving" and "Wash Me Clean." moved so much.

Ingenue (Promo)

The following photo is promo version which was made of recycled paper.  


Track Listing

Save Me
The Mind of Love
Miss Chatelaine
Wash Me Clean
So It Shall Be
Still Thrives This Love
Season of Hollow Soul
Outside Myself
Tears of Love's Recall
Constant Craving